Dental Implants

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Dental Implants in Norton Shores, MI

Replacing missing teeth is an important part of keeping you healthy. Dr. Adam Kuipers, our dentist, helps you rebuild your smile with one of the most advanced restorative dental treatments in dentistry. The Smile Center provides dental implant restorations in Norton Shores, Muskegon, Whitehall, and all surrounding communities.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Many dentists offer implants to their patients. However, most offer traditional bridges and dentures as well. If traditional restorations are readily available, then why are implants offered by the Smile Center so prominently?

Simply put, dental implants are the best teeth replacement option available at this point in time.

They restore the tooth almost exactly to its original function, so most patients cannot tell the difference between the effectiveness of their new teeth and the utility of their remaining natural teeth. Dental implants are also designed for durability, so they will last a lifetime as long as you take good care of them. In addition to restoring your lost teeth, they help to preserve the health of your remaining ones; whereas a bridge or a partial denture rely on your remaining teeth for support, dental implants leave them alone by relying on the jaw instead.

Implants are also aesthetically superior to traditional options. Your teeth are not stuck together as they would be if you relied on a traditional dental bridge, so they even look and feel more natural.

How Does Dr. Kuipers Help?

Dental implant treatment occurs in three general phases: placement, recovery, and restoration. Our dentist in Norton Shores arranges placement with a specialist, monitors your recovery, and adds the final restorations to your implants.

Dental implant posts—the core of the implant overall—serve as artificial tooth roots for your new teeth. They have to be surgically placed into the jaw before the rest of the implant can be added to the smile. Dr. Kuipers coordinates your care with a local, trusted oral surgeon who will perform dental implant placement for you.

Next, you will have to wait for a couple of months as the implant posts fuse to the jaw bone. This process is critical, as it generates the high level of support that makes implants effective. Dr. Kuipers monitors you during this recovery phase to make sure you are feeling comfortable after the surgery and that the implant posts are integrating properly into the jaw.

Lastly, Dr. Kuipers adds the restorations to the implants. Each restoration is fabricated to meet your exact tooth replacement needs, from crowns that replace individual teeth to dentures which restore the entire smile.

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